The Challenge

Brainformative Insight Design™ facilitated classroom based learning events are hands down the best learning environment.

But . . . 

brick and mortar training is a challenge to scale. 

Enter "E-Learning."

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Don’t bargain shop learning.

Your brain is forever.

Revolutionary Leader

John Immel

  • Your brain is an amazing learning machine, unfortunately most training is designed to kill it.
  • Wasting people's brains is a moral crisis.
  • In the western world we are losing our ability to think.

These three intersecting realities do not bode well for the future.

So I'm setting out to fix the problem. I am your revolutionary leader whose mission is to bring learning back to the people and thinking back to the individual.

For those of you taking my courses . . . welcome to the revolution.

John Immel

The value of anything is the amount of life used to pay for it!

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